“Hello, my name is Paula Anderson and I’m here today to tell you about my success with Balogun & James Wellness. My condition upon first visiting was constant lower and upper back pain, particularly after sitting for long periods. It was even more painful after bending which would last for days at a time.
I had been suffering with this pain for 6 months. The only thing I had done for my pain was take muscle relaxers which were not very helpful.
The doctors and staff here treated me very well and I can now say that I don’t have any pain after bending, stooping or sitting for long periods of time. Also, I have not had to take any more medication. The doctors here are excellent!”

-Paula Anderson

“My condition upon first visiting Balogun and James Wellness was hand pain and headaches.  I had been suffering with this pain for four years.  In the past, I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand.  The Doctor’s professionalism and treatment was excellent.  I have less pain, and I no longer suffer from headaches.  I would gladly recommend the Doctors at Balogun and James Wellness.”

-James Thompson

“My condition upon first visiting Dr. Balogun was low back and neck pain, which had been bothering me for 2 years. The Doctors and staff here treated me very well and I can say now that I don’t have any pain.  My experience here was very positive. I would definitely recommend the Doctors of Balogun & James Wellness.”

-Frank Gibbs

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